Heat Pump Installation & Repair in Knoxville, TN

 Knoxville Heat Pumps

Knoxville heat pumps use electricity as an energy source and are a unique system that is used for both heating and cooling. During the warmer months, your heat pump will act as an air conditioner; during colder months it will serve as a heating system that draws heat from the outside to your home. Your heat pump provides a more uniform temperature throughout your Tennessee home and will not produce a sudden blast of hot air like traditional furnaces do every time they turn on.

Heat pumps in Knoxville offer year-round energy-efficiency, cleaner air quality and quiet operation.

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Through the hard work and dedication of our expert Knoxville plumbers, we have been providing quality service to Knoxville and surrounding areas for years. Our company is one of the most reputable and fastest growing plumbing companies in the Tennessee area. Our plumbers are respectful of your home and always wear identifying uniforms with our logo on it. At Pipe Wrench Plumbing, all of our plumbing and HVAC services are guaranteed 100%! 

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