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Why Isn't Your Air Conditioner Blowing Cool Air?

There is nothing worse than finding that your air conditioning system isn’t working on a hot day. Here are a few reasons why your air conditioner might not be blowing cool air.

  • Check Your Thermostat – Try lowering the temperature on your thermostat by just five degrees. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may have a dirty evaporator.
  • Clean the Evaporator – Clean your evaporator and let the system run for a few hours, if you are still experiencing problems, you may have an improperly sized air conditioner for your home.
  • Clean the Condenser – Check the area around the condenser outside of your home. If it looks dirty or blocked by tall weeds and grass, this can affect the efficiency of your system.
  • Replace Refrigerant – It’s possible that the reason your air conditioner isn’t working is because there is an inadequate amount of refrigerant in your system.

Check out this troubleshooting guide for more information on why your air conditioner might not be working.

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