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St. Patrick's Day Plumbing Tips

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Even if you’re not Irish – today is the perfect day to go green! Here are a few plumbing tips to help you make your home a little bit more green and help you lower your monthly utility bills.

How can you improve your home plumbing?

  • Install a tankless water heater – Tankless water heaters are a simple and easy way to really make a difference in the energy efficiency of your home. Since these water heaters don’t have storage tanks full of water that need to be constantly heated, you can really save on your energy bills.
  • Fix those leaky faucets – While St. Patrick’s Day might be the holiday with everyone’s attention today, did you know that it’s also Fix a Leak week? This week, we remind homeowners to look around their homes for leaky faucets, shower heads, and pipes. Even a small leak can add up to significant water waste if left uncorrected.
  • Install low-flow fixtures – It might be time to finally replace your old shower heads and faucets. Older models use significantly more water than new, low-flow fixtures. They add improved comfort, and help you green your home plumbing!

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