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skeleton in bathtub

5 Ways to Celebrate National Bathtub Day

It’s National Bathtub Day! Today, we celebrate the day the very first bathtub was introduced all the way back in 1828! Here are a few ways to celebrate and show your bathtub some love.

How to Celebrate:

  • With Bubbles – What better way to unwind after a long week than with a warm bubble bath? Enjoy the solitude and relax!
  • By Lighting Some Candles – Make your bathing experience a little bit more relaxing by lighting some candles! Fall scents can help make for a very relaxing and festive night.
  • With a Book – Reading in the bathtub can be very therapeutic! Take your favorite book with you (just don’t drop it in)!
  • By Playing Some Music – Set the mood for your bath with relaxing music — listen to whatever you enjoy!
  • By Upgrading Your Old Tub – Is your bathtub old and outdated? It might be time to revamp your space. Upgrade your old bathtub to a beautiful new model this fall.

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