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toilet with animated candy cane

How to Prevent Clogs This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...for clogs! That’s right: when you least suspect it, on the biggest day of the year, your toilet will back up. Although this can certainly dim your holiday spirit, it’s actually very simple to prevent clogs — even when your relatives from out of town are prone to flush miscellaneous objects down the toilet. If you’re looking to make your holiday season memorable for the right reasons, then it’s important to jot these tips down:

Make a Sign

Sure, this seems like quite the extravagant way to keep your guests from flushing random objects down the toilet — but it does work! To make this signage more festive (and informative), create a fun little sign using holiday puns, telling your guests that they should use a trash can to dispose of any questionable objects. You’d be surprised that many holiday guests dispose of ribbons/bows, gift tags and even your cooking (sorry to break it to you) down the hosting home’s toilet — which leads to that dreaded clog.

Implement a Garbage Can

Looking for the best way to avoid clogs? Place a small, festive garbage can within your home’s bathroom(s). It’s true, garbage cans in bathrooms can preserve your plumbing pipes — and prevent clogs in the process. Plus, when you include a garbage can within your bathroom, guests will feel less inclined to flush holiday cheer down the toilet — and will use the garbage can! This is a surefire way to keep your home clog-free during your celebration!

Include a Toilet Plunger

It may be alarming, but it’s certainly true: some residential bathrooms don’t have toilet plungers. When a bathroom doesn’t include a plunger, this can lead to some serious damage and flooding — especially when your guest has to figure out how to unclog the toilet, without asking for your assistance. If you really want to make it known that you have a toilet plunger in your bathroom, you can feel free to decorate the handle with a bow or any other festive decoration that won’t defeat the plunger’s ultimate purpose: to unclog!

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