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The Truth About Your Home’s Air Quality (and How to Improve It)

Let’s face it: sometimes your indoor air quality isn’t as great as you’d like it to be. Believe it or not, there are some hidden factors that will impact it and surprisingly — you’d never know it. If you’re looking to unravel the truth about your home’s air quality (and fix it), then here’s what you need to know: 

Common Signs

Unsure if your home has poor air quality? Well, we have some good news: there are common signs to look for — but they aren’t too pleasant. To start, if you notice a buildup of mold, dust or humidity, then this is a surefire sign to inform you that you, in fact, have poor air quality within your home. In addition to these signs, there is also a possibility that you can feel rundown quite frequently — which is also a common sign of poor air quality. Regardless of the signs, sometimes poor air quality settles into your home unannounced and can be rather startling.

Depletion of Air Quality

Believe it or not, sometimes poor indoor air quality is caused without your knowledge. That’s right: certain factors such as keeping the windows shut and home renovations can deplete your indoor air quality tremendously — and it can be detrimental to your health. For example, when you keep your windows shut, the air within your home becomes stagnant and the quality begins to deplete. In the case that renovations are being done to your home, any chemicals/paint/sawdust emitted will continue to decrease the air quality. While these are only a few of the many ways depletion can happen, there are ways to bring your air quality back into better horizons!

Promote Positive Air Quality

If you’re looking to improve the air quality within your home or want to get a head start if you’re getting renovations, then there are a few simple ways to promote positive air quality — such as getting some indoor plants! By bringing a few allergy-friendly plants indoors to help purify the air in your home will make a significant difference — but just make sure that they are allergy-friendly and placed in a safe place (away from small children and pets). Additionally, opening the windows on a moderately cool day will also help improve your indoor air quality, too!

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