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dog covered in bubbles in bath

How to Celebrate National Bathtub Day

Today, we celebrate one of the most important and often underappreciated parts in our homes — the bathtub! If you needed an excuse to take some time to kick back and relax after a long week of work, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate this fun holiday.

How to Celebrate National Bathtub Day:

Read a Book.

What’s more relaxing than taking a bubble bath? Taking a bubble bath while reading your favorite book! Get caught up in your favorite novel while relaxing in a warm bath.

Light Scented Candles.

There are so many different fall scented candles on the market. Choose your favorite and turn your bath into a calming, rejuvenating spa.

Turn Off Your Phone.

Now is the time to turn off your phone and disconnect from the world. Relax and enjoy spending some time alone and unplugged.

Enjoy the Solitude & Peace!

Taking a bath should be time for YOU. Enjoy the solitude and peace — and use it as an opportunity to create your own personal spa.

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