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How to Eliminate Indoor Allergens

Q: what’s the ultimate unwanted guest in your home? A: it’s indoor allergens! According to the AAFA, some of the most common “pests” in your home are pollen, mold and dust mites, to name a few. If you’re looking to improve your air quality or have allergies, then it’s important to follow these steps!

Vacuum the Floors

One of the best ways to eliminate any indoor allergens is to vacuum the floors. Whether your home be filled with wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors, it’s very important to take extra precaution and vacuum.

Think about it: when you enter your home, do you usually take your shoes off? In most homes, homeowners do not -- and anything stuck to the bottom of their footwear will trek around each room. When you vacuum, it will eliminate a large majority of allergens -- especially when they go airborne!

Wash your Sheets

The next best way to eliminate indoor allergens is to wash your bed sheets. Although you may be doing this every few weeks (or every month), it’s important to wash them regularly -- especially after dusting your bedroom.

The reason being is that the fabric is prone to trap any allergens from the air and your body. If you’re looking to keep these allergens at bay, then it’s important to wash your sheets on a weekly basis. This will not only keep your bed clean, but it will eliminate any potential coughing or sneezing, too!

Change your Filters

Another way to eliminate indoor allergens from your home is to change your air filters. Nine out of ten times, many homeowners forget to do this simple task -- which could lead to some allergy-prone issues down the road. If you’re looking to solve the issue at hand, then it’s best to change your filters on the spot.

If you’re not sure when to change them, it’s recommended to change them every three-to-six months, depending on the brand. Not only will this keep your A/C unit in tiptop shape, but it will eliminate any airborne allergens that could appear if an old filter is being used!

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