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dog taking a bath

How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

One of life’s greatest mysteries is figuring out how frequently you should bathe your dog. Granted, a pooch’s hygiene is vastly different from a human’s — but, of course, they still need to be washed regularly (and not daily). If you’re still perplexed on when you should give Fido a bath, then here are common canine bathing guidelines to follow:

Loves the Great Outdoors

If your pooch likes to run around in the great outdoors, then it would be best to bathe them a little more frequently. Of course, it’s possible that your furbaby will stay out of the mud and dirt — but there could be bugs lingering in their coat, which wouldn’t be healthy (or comfortable) for your dog.

Can be Considered a Couch Potato

Now, if your furbaby spends most of their time indoors, then you won’t have to bathe them as frequently as a pooch that hangs outside for most of the day. Indeed, you’ll have to maintain your dog’s hygiene regularly — but there won’t be the constant fear of mud, dirt, or earthly debris roaming around their fur.

There’s a Funky Smell

What happens if your dog loves the great outdoors — but enjoys a decent amount of couch time, too? If that’s the case, it all depends on a smell. Experts state that if your pooch is harvesting a foul odor around the house, then it’s time to give them a bath.

Indeed, this will get rid of the stench — but even if your pooch doesn’t smell peculiar, it’s still best to bathe them a few times a month. This will not only keep them clean, but it will also help your pooch’s coat maintain a healthy glow!

The Best Way to Bathe

When it comes to washing your pooch, there are a variety of ways to keep their coat healthy, clean and glowing. Indeed, it might just seem like soap and water — but it depends on the type of breed that you have residing in your home. Some breeds of canine only require a little bit of soap and water — but some need a deep condition, thorough brushing (daily) and more, to keep their coat clean and ready to go.

Of course, if you’re not sure what’s the best method to wash your pooch, then bringing them to a professional (such as the vet or a groomer) will be the best bet, since they’ll be an expert on bathing your dog and will give them the best hygienic care they need!

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