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father with daughter brushing teeth

How to Prep your Bathroom for your Child’s First Day of School

The first day of school is on the horizon, which means your once scarce bathroom will now have a traffic jam by 7 am, the earliest. Of course, you might have more than one lavatory in your home — but what about those homes that share one bathroom before heading to school and work? Don’t worry, parents: we have you covered with these tips:

“Early to Bed, Early to Rise

One of the best tips to get your child in-and-out of the bathroom (in record timing) is to make sure that they go to bed reasonably early every night. Not only will this give them a full night's rest, but it will also get them in the bathroom earlier — which will provide your child with more time to get ready. From brushing their teeth to combing their hair, your child won’t feel rushed, but somewhat relaxed before a full day of school.

Lay out their Essentials

Another great way to prep your bathroom before the first day (and any school day) is to lay out your child’s essentials — specifically a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a rinse cup. This will not only make the process much more straightforward for your child, but they won’t be frantically ripping apart the bathroom before the bus arrives. Additionally, this will give your child more independence when they can take care of the process themselves, rather than ask for your assistance on a daily basis.

Start a Timer

Have more than one child that has to use the lavatory before heading off to school? If that’s the case (and they share a bathroom), then it’s best to set a timer. This will not only give them the appropriate amount of time that they need to get ready, but it will give each of your children an even amount of “bathroom prep” before arriving to class. Additionally, this is a great way to save water, since a timer will make sure that your child is in and out of the bathroom quickly — which will prompt them to turn the faucet off, and not leave it running when they take their time.

Create a Checklist

Want to give your child some tips/reminders when getting ready for school? If that’s the case, you can promote independence by making a bathroom checklist to hang inside of your lavatory. This can either be a step-by-step guide of how they should get ready each day or just a note reminding them to brush their hair. No matter what you choose, your child will love it — especially since they’ll be motivated to continue to be more independent as the year goes on!

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