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holiday lights

The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Decorating

Ah, there’s no greater joy than the sight of holiday decorations! From colorful lights to decadent tablescapes, no corner goes untouched when it comes to the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you’re adding more to your current holiday display or are in the early stages of decking the halls, here are some essential decorating tips to know:

Avoid Heating Vents

Looking to add some decorative flair around your home? If that’s the case, then it’s best to avoid making contact with your heating vents at all costs. The reason being is this: many holiday decorations are flammable and can ignite with just the right amount of heat.

One of the most flammable objects? Your tree. Whether it’s real or faux, this green detail is very sensitive to heat and should be placed in a safe area, such as by a window or a bare wall.

Flameless is the Best Option

Are you thinking about incorporating some candles into your festive display? Well, we have some news: it’s better to opt for flameless candles, rather than the real deal. When you have a real candle in your home (especially when it’s unsupervised), there’s a high chance that it could get knocked over by a pet, touched by a child, or start a fire if the flame grows to a larger height.

When you opt for a flameless candle, not only will you receive the same ambiance as a traditional candle, but you won’t have to worry about any potential dangers (only replacing the battery, when needed). Additionally, you’ll be able to place the flameless candle anywhere in your home and can even let it run on a timer!

Be Gentle with Light Strands

Another essential decorative touch to any holiday display are lights. Whether they’re placed on the gutter or in the bushes, lights can give any space some much needed festive ambiance. Although it’s simple to decorate with a strand of lights, it’s also possible that you could cause electrical cord damage — which can potentially lead to a fire.

Before you start securing your lights, you’ll want to use lighting hooks (found at any hardware store) instead of a staple gun, if you’re placing them anywhere other than the bushes. Sure, the stapling device might hold lights in place all month long, but it’s also possible that it could puncture through the cord (if it’s off-center) and start an electrical fire. Just remember: when in doubt, stick to holiday lighting hooks.

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