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Why You Need a Properly Sized Furnace

Fact: when it’s time to install a brand new furnace in your home, you should not pick the first furnace you find. Despite what is commonly believed, furnaces must be chosen based on a specific criteria that only an HVAC technician can share with you — and you’ll want that HVAC technician to share with you the measurements that they use for your house, for future reference. Before choosing a new furnace, here are some important things to keep in mind:

The Measurements

When you work with an HVAC technician to get the right furnace, they will to measure the square footage of your house. The furnace that you buy for the house should always match the size of the house — since they will work much more efficiently. Before choosing the proper furnace, you can read the ratings of these furnaces ahead of time and then pick a furnace that is going to be the right size for your house!

Too Large

When you have a furnace that is too large, you will notice that the furnace will heat up too quickly — which is not a positive characteristic. In addition, the furnace will use too much energy when heating the house too fast. This becomes a problem when you are trying to heat your house in an economical way; you will need to make sure that you are observing your furnace from time-to-time, making sure that it’s not working overtime. Now if the unit overheats itself, you will then have a potential problem on your hands.

Too Small

When you get a furnace that is too small, you are going to find that it will never heat your home correctly. Not only will the furnace not be able to keep up with the house, it will never shut off. This will end up overworking your furnace, resulting in high energy bills — because you’ll be paying for the power to run the initial unit and gas that helps to heat up the unit, too.

When you are trying to choose the correct furnace for your home, you’ll need to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to get the right size furnace! A furnace that is too large will cause problems, and a furnace that is too small will waste energy — even though it cannot heat the house.

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