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Indoor Activities to Keep Cool During Heat Waves

When the weather gets too hot, it’s best to stay inside. Of course, summertime is all about going outdoors and participating in summer-esque activities (such as swimming and playing sports) — but what should you do when there’s a heatwave in the area? Well, you’re in luck — because we have some fun tips for you!

Watch Movies

One of the best heatwave-related activities is to watch movies. Whether it be from the comfort of your couch or a seat at the local movie theater, there’s an option for all movie-lovers out there! If you’re looking to have a few friends over for the occasion, then you can certainly host a movie party!

If you do plan on hosting a cinematic celebration, then we highly recommend purchasing some movie theater-related snacks (i.e., popcorn, chocolate, licorice) to really get everyone in the movie mood. Next, pick a movie genre or have your guests pick their favorite films for this big celebration! Once these steps are complete, have your guests arrive, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Create Crafts

Another great way to avoid any contact with the heat is to have an arts and crafts day! No matter what age you may be, arts and crafts are always a fun, entertaining way to be creative! Whether you decide to paint a masterpiece or build a custom sign for your living room wall, the possibilities are entirely endless!

If you’re looking to step outside of your home for the day, then you can look for local arts and crafts classes in the area. Some of the best arts and crafts events can either be a paint day/night at your local restaurant, a step-by-step class at a craft store, or weekly class at your library/community center! No matter where you decide to craft, you’ll always find that It’s the best, creative solution to being inside during a heat wave!

Start Cooking

Looking for another solution to beat the heat wave? Why not cook! Of course, it wouldn't be wise to prepare meals that require high stove temperatures (because that will raise increase the heat in your home), but you can certainly bake and make pastries instead!

If you're not sure what to bake, then look for your favorite cookbook or an online pinboard with ideas. Once you gather some inspiration, you can then start the baking process! If you're looking to take it up a notch, then you can always invite some friends over and make it a group activity! However, if you’re not sold on cooking in your home, then you can always find a local cooking class to take -- which is just as fun (and you won't have to shop for the ingredients, either)!

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