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What Direction Should my Ceiling Fan Spin During the Summer?

What Direction Should my Ceiling Fan Spin During the Summer?

Spin, spin, spin: that’s precisely what your ceiling fan should be doing all summer long! If you’re not sold on the idea of using this household staple, then it would be wise to weigh out the options since it does, in fact, keep your home cool — and saves energy, too! If you’re looking to set your ceiling fan on the most useful summer setting, then here are some tips to know:

The Purpose of a Ceiling Fan

Unlike using your central air conditioner, a ceiling fan will keep your home cool — while circulating the air, too. This is perfect for those that are trying to conserve energy and improve their indoor air quality, also.

Of course, you’d be pleasantly surprised at what happens when you turn your central air on while using your ceiling fan: it will circulate the cold air being blown from the vent — but only if you have your fan on the right motion setting.

What Direction Should it Spin?

When it comes to your ceiling fan, there are ultimately two settings in which it could spin: clockwise and counterclockwise. Although this seems simple enough, it can be slightly confusing when you’re looking for the proper setting in summer.

“In the summertime when the weather is hot,” (name that tune!), you’ll want to set your ceiling fan to a counter-clockwise direction. This will push the air towards the ground, keeping you cool and maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home! Now, what speed should your fan be set on in the summertime?

How Fast Should it Spin?

Now since you discovered which direction your fan should spin, it’s now time to see how fast your ceiling fan should spin! If you’re looking to cool down your home really, then it’s best to set your fan on thehighest, fastest setting.

This will not only keep your room as cool as can be, but it will also be the most effective way of lowering the temperature as quickly as possible. Additionally, if you’re looking to keep your room cool, but not too cool, then you can set your fan to a medium-to-low speed. This will still help the air circulate and will make a difference!

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