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Bathroom Safety 101

Known as one of the most important rooms in any home, your bathroom is truly the focal point (sorry, living room). With that being said, there are some ways where the commode can be a bit unsafe at times. From wet floors to broken glass, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

Always use a Bath Mat

One of the biggest bathroom-related accidents is a simple slip/fall when either standing in the shower or getting out. Regardless, it’s important to always have a simple bath mat present. Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, this rubber mat will be the perfect way to gain some stability in your shower — since the floor can become quite slippery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much safer your showers will feel with a bath mat in place!

Be Cautious of Broken Glass

This safety tip speaks for itself — but it’s very simple to step on broken glass in your bathroom and not even know it. If you happen to drop a glass bottle and it shatters on the tile, it’s important to step outside of your bathroom, put on some shoes or any footwear with a sturdy rubber bottom and grab a broom and dustpan. Once you acquire these essentials, walk back into your bathroom and do a quick cleanup. After it’s all swept up, run over the area again with a vacuum cleaner for extra precaution.

Check the Temperature

About to bathe your child or dog? Before placing them in the tub, it’s important to always check the running water temperature. By ignoring the water temperature, you’ll be putting the safety of your child or dog at risk — since they could be burned. If you’re not sure about how hot the water should be, always strive to make it lukewarm, or room temperature. This will not only make it much safer to place them in the bath, but it will also be much more comfortable for them, too!

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