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person cleaning bathroom sink

How Can I Disinfect my Sink?

Oh, no — it seems there’s some toothpaste caked inside of your sink. Remain calm, as this happens more frequently than you think! If you’re looking to thoroughly clean one of the most important features of your bathroom, then here are some simple ways to get the task done:

Scrub it Down!

Before you decide to dose your sink in a heavy-duty cleaner, it’s best to scrub it down first. That’s right: taking a non-abrasive sponge, get some lukewarm water flowing in your sink and dampen the sponge. Once this step is taken, it’s then time to begin the scrubbing process! When scrubbing, think of it more as removing the surface stain rather than aggressively scrubbing your sink don’t; you don’t want to leave a scratch, after all!

Wipe it Up!

Once you remove the body of the stain/debris, you’ll want to rinse it with the lukewarm water to loosen the base. After a gentle coating of the water, take a paper towel (or microfiber cloth) and begin to wipe away what remains of the stain/debris. You’ll want to make sure that a good portion of it is removed — because it will be easier to thoroughly disinfect your sink!

Pour it Around!

After the stain has been wiped up, then it will be time to disinfect your sink completely. While the lukewarm water flows, you’ll want to plug the drain — which will ensure the sink will fill up close to the top with water. From there, you’ll want to pour in a safe sink cleaning/scrubbing agent. Let this mix naturally with the water. Once the sink is almost filled to the top, you’ll want to shut the water off and let the mixture sit there for about six minutes. After that’s complete, drain the sink until it’s completely waterless.

Dry it Good!

Once the sink has air-dried, you’ll then want to dry it yourself! Taking another paper towel (or microfiber cloth), start wiping down the sink, which will be the most effective way to ensure that it has completely dried. After that step is complete, your sink will be clean and disinfected!

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