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bathroom lighting

What are the Best Types of Lights to Install in a Bathroom?

When it comes to lighting a bathroom, the possibilities are endless! From decadent fixtures to those that just illuminate the room, there are many different ways to take your bathroom from darkness to sunshine within minutes! If you’re completely remodeling your lavatory or thinking about changing up your fixtures, then here are some great recommendations for lighting:

Hang it Up

One of the most popular options for lighting in a bathroom are wall sconces. Coming in a variety of different styles and sizes, these are the perfect solution to adding light in the dimmest of lavatories! If you’re not sure where to install these lights, then think about putting them on either side of the mirror to create a vanity-like effect. If you need some more light, then place these wall sconces on bare walls in your bathroom — but keep them away from the shower, since that can be a dangerous combination to have.

Suspend it From Above

Another popular option for bathroom lighting is to get a hanging light, such as a mini chandelier. Although this won’t work for some bathrooms (depending on the size), it’s another great way to add light and character to the most used room in your home. When picking out a hanging light for your bathroom, think about the theme/style you currently have in the room, followed by the size of the fixture. If you have a smaller bathroom, then it’s best to get a simple, small fixture — or non-hanging ceiling light. However, if you have a larger bathroom (and the ceiling is quite high up), then you can play around with different sizes of lighting. No matter what you choose, it will definitely be a great choice — and will look wonderful, too!

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