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How to Tell if Your Dog is Dehydrated

Fact: the dog days of summer are on the way, which means temperatures are ready to soar! If you’re the owner of a dog, then it’s possible that they can get dehydrated. Although a pool or sprinkler could help your pooch cool down, these measures could do nothing for your pooch at all. If you’re not sure how to tell if your pooch is dehydrated, then here are some common signs to look for:

They’ll Want to Nap

One of the most visible signs of dehydration in a dog is that will they lack energy. Of course, your “fur baby” could be tired and might need a little nap -- but, if you notice that your pooch is napping a little more than usual, then that’s a sign that they’re dehydrated.

If you’re looking for the best alternative, make sure to keep your pooch indoors on sweltering days. Another way to keep your beloved fur baby comfortable is to keep your A/C unit at a cool temperature, with a bowl of water nearby.

They Will Ignore You

Another common sign of dehydration is that your pooch will tend to ignore you. Whether you’re calling them over for a treat or ready to take them for a walk, your canine won’t acknowledge your voice. This tends to happen because your dog will feel weaker than normal.

One way to keep your dog hydrated is to give them a cold bath. Of course, you don’t want the water to be ice cold, but a nice, lukewarm bath, that’s a little cold. This will not only keep your fur baby cool, but it will help them beat the heat in the most relaxing way possible!

They’ll Pant Frequently

Fact: when a dog pants, that means that they’re feeling quite warm. A universal sign for most dehydration situations is when a pooch pants more frequently than usual. Of course, this is clear a sign to keep an eye on your little one and give them some water.

If you’re looking to give your dog one of the best ways to cool down, simply give them a stainless steel dog bowl as their water dish. Once you acquire this, pour some water and ice cubes into it. Not only will this keep your pooch cool, but it will be a sweet, refreshing drink for them to have!

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