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When Should I Replace my Kitchen Sink?

Is It Time To Replace Your Kitchen Sink Drain?

Leak, drip, drop -- those are not the lyrics to some hit song, but are the sounds of a broken sink! Believe it or not, sometimes you might need to replace your trusty sink sooner than you think -- because it could cause some major plumbing problems down the road. If you’re not sure where to start, let us break it down for you (no pun intended).

Visible Wear and Tear

One of the most visible signs is that the sink has some physical damage. This could range anywhere from a chipped basin to a crack forming up the side. No matter how big or small the damage could be, it’s important to assess it as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, when your sink is wearing down, the signs could be completely invisible to your eyes at first glance. If you’re not sure that you could use a sink replacement, then please call a trusted professional at Pipe Wrench to assess the damage for you!

Constantly Repaired

Another reason to replace your sink is that it’s always scheduled for repair. Whether your sink isn’t able to retain any water or it’s clogged continuously, there is a telltale sign that your sink will need to be replaced indefinitely.

Believe it or not, your sink shouldn’t be repaired on a frequent basis. If anything, this popular fixture of your home should go for a routine maintenance check every so often, to keep it up and running. If you’re scheduling more plumber appointments for your sink than doctor’s appointments for yourself, then it’s time to get a new sink.

Completely Outdated

Remember when pink and blue sinks were a common trend? Well, believe it or not, even though they still might be functioning, there is the possibility they could be on their way to retirement. Although your vibrant sink might be a “staple” of your decor, it will be best to have it replaced since it could waste water and potentially flood your home altogether.

The best solution: when in doubt, replace your “groovy” sink for something more modern. After all, there are plenty of beautiful options for replacement sinks that could give any room some character!

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