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What Was That Smell When I Turned The Heat On?

Picture this: you awake from your slumber, wrapped in the coziest of blankets, ready to take on the day — but feel a slight chill in the air. Perplexed, you get up from your bed and gravitate towards the thermostat to turn the heat on. Once the desired temperature has been set, your home begins to warm up and a strange smell starts to linger. What is it, you may ask? Let’s weigh out the possibilities:

Bad Breakfast

Indeed, we’re not talking about a plate of stale, fluffy pancakes — because we’re referring to a plate of rotten eggs. If you’re not sure what that smells like, then we highly recommend taking a whiff of expired eggs, before tossing them in the garbage, for safety reasons — but why is that?

By chance, if your heating unit happens to have a natural gas leak, then that’s the smell it will be reminiscent of. If you inhale this scent, then leave your home as quickly as possible since it can be fatal. Typically, natural gas is known to be odorless — but gas companies add the chemical Mercaptan (harmless) to help homeowners detect a leak. Once you’ve run to safety, then it’s important to call your local gas provider to help cease the poisonous gas.

Ghastly Gas

When you fill up your vehicle’s gas tank, typically there’s a potent smell that lingers per gallon. In your home, the gas happens to be of a different blend and scent — but it still comes with that evident gas smell. If that’s the case, then it’s possible that your unit might have a pipe leak.

Unlike that rotten egg smell, you won’t have to run out of your home to take precaution — but it’s crucial to call Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. right away to help repair the problem and keep you out of harm’s way. If this smell is avoided for a few hours, then it can turn into a dangerous situation that could have initially been avoided.

Horrid Heating

When your unit happens to smell as if it’s burning, then that’s a clear sign that it needs to be shut off, immediately. The reason behind this “electrical nightmare” is that your unit is probably overheating itself when trying to heat your home.

Just like the first two smells mentioned, this is also quite dangerous since it could have the potential to start a fire — which will cause a series of irreversible damage. Of course, there is a possibility that an old air filter is creating the electric-based odor, but if you doubt that’s the case, then reach out to our team for assistance as soon as possible.

If you run into any problems with your home’s heating unit and prefer to forgo the DIY route, our technicians are here to help! Visit our website to learn more about the services that we offer here at Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. or call (865) 518-7008 to speak with a representative directly.