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These Items are Dirtier than a Public Toilet Seat

Typically, it’s a common belief that many public toilet seats are “filthy.” Of course, any bathroom but your own won’t be as clean as you’d like it to be, but there are some common objects in your home that are even more germ-infested. If you’re not sure what those items could be, then check out some of the top contenders:

The Purse You’re Currently Using

One of the “filthiest” items in your possession is your handbag — but think about why that could be. Ladies, when you carry around your purse, where do you typically place it down? If you’re like most, you’ll place it on the floor at a restaurant or on a public restroom counter. Sure, this might seem harmless — but bacteria and germs begin to build up at the base, with a possibility of crawling inside of your handbag, too.

Now take a look at the handles of your purse. When you carry around your bag, there are a series of times when you’ll pick it up without washing your hands — and yes, that bacteria lingers around much longer than you’d like it to. The best way to keep your bag clean? Use disinfecting wipes that are powerful enough to clean your purse — but won’t strip away any of the leather/shine/finish.

Every Faucet in your Home

Another “filthy” feature in your house? Every sink faucet you can think of. Sadly, although a sink’s purpose is to wash your hands and prepare food, the handle itself can foster more germs than that public toilet seat. Think about it: when you’re about to wash your hands after preparing some raw chicken, how do you turn the water on (if you don’t have a hands-free faucet)?

Prior to washing, the germs from your hands will linger on the faucet — especially if you don’t wipe down the handles that often or not at all. Keep in mind: the next time you clean your bathroom or kitchen, always make sure to disinfect the handles and faucet. This will not only keep them clean, but it will make you feel much better the next time you reach to turn the water on.

That Savvy Smartphone

Just like you wouldn’t wash your hands before carrying a purse, the same applies to your smartphone. Think about it: you’re at a restaurant with friends and you decide to put your phone on the table. Sure, the restaurant staff wipes down the surface before the next party — but there’s still a chance that your phone can pick up some bacteria.

Looking for a way to sanitize your phone? It’s simple: use a disinfecting wipe — but make sure it doesn’t get inside any ports or the speakers. Once you clean your phone, you’ll be able to use it without hesitation, or fear, that germs are still lingering!

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