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Simple Green Plumbing Tips For Any Homeowner

Nowadays, there’s a greener, more eco-friendly approach for everything — including your home’s plumbing. Whether it’s replacing your current showerhead for a low-flow unit or using a natural, DIY drain cleaner instead of chemicals, there are plenty of ways to make a vast improvement in the plumbing department! If you’re looking to make a change in your home, but aren’t too sure how to get started, here are some helpful suggestions!

Fix Leaks Right Away

One of the best ways to practice green plumbing and conserve water is to make sure that all leaky faucets and fixtures in your home are repaired right away. Sure, sometimes it can feel easy to put off a seemingly small, minuscule leak — but in the long run, that little drip that you hear can waste up to approximately20 gallons of water a day.

Now, if you happen to have a faucet that no matter how many times you have the leak repaired, it always comes back, then it would be wise to look into a new fixture. Nowadays, more water-efficient faucets will not only give your sink a new, modern look, but the fixture will distribute the perfect amount of water, while minimizing the chance of water waste.

Have a Dual-Flush Toilet Installed

A new, eco-friendly toilet that’s taking bathrooms in a green direction is a dual-flush toilet! Unlike only having one flushing option on a standard toilet, a dual-flush model will give homeowners the option to choose the flush of the force. On this double-sided button, which is usually located at the top of the tank, one side will give users a light flush and the other side will provide a more forceful flush.

When you opt to have a dual-flush toilet in your home, this toilet will save much more water. Depending on when they were manufactured, standard toilets use approximately between 1.6 to 4 gallons of water in a single flush — which is quite a lot, if you think about. Thanks to the dual-flush model, the low-flush option will help you use much less water (low-flow toilets, in general, use approximately 1.28 gallons per flush), and you’ll be helping out your plumbing in the long run!

We Can Help Get Your Home’s Plumbing in Tip-top Shape!

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