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How to Keep Your Shower Clutter-Free

The latest trend to sweep the nation happens to be home organization. From that unused cabinet in the kitchen to your bedroom closet, every space in your home can be organized with a few simple steps. However, there is one detail that tends to go overlooked: the shower. Sometimes, this hygienic staple could be filled with clutter — but how would you combat that? Simply follow these tips:


On average, how many bottles of shampoo or body wash do you use on a weekly basis? If the answer happens to be two or less, then we have some good and bad news:

  • Good news: that’s completely normal; don’t be alarmed.

  • Bad news: you should really consider downsizing if there’s a stockpile in your shower.

Before removing every single product from your shower, it’s imperative to make a mental list (or written list) of the shampoos and shower gels that you use frequently and those that you don’t happen to utilize often. Once you narrow down the top contenders, it’s time to start downsizing.

To start, take the products you do use and place them off to the size. Next, take any products that aren’t used frequently, wipe them down, and put them away in a closet or nearby pantry. After these steps are complete, you’ll notice a big, clutter-free difference in your shower (farewell, knocking over shampoo bottles!).


After downsizing your shower products, it’s time for the best part: organizing your shower! When it comes to sprucing up, there a few different ways to complete the task at hand. One of the best ways is to invest in a shower caddy that can be fastened to the wall with suction cups. This will not only alleviate pressure off of the arm of the shower head, but it can also be moved to a different area if you have a change of heart!

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