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What Causes a Drain to Clog?

Sometimes, your sink drain can clog when you least expect it. Of course, this isn’t one of the most pleasant occurrences on your day-to-day schedule. If you’re looking for a reason as to why your drain may be clogged, then here are some of the top contenders that are creating that dreadful blockage:

Fruit and Vegetable Leftovers

One of the biggest reasons why your drain could have clogged is due to the skin of fruit and vegetables. Whether you’re skinning a potato or you’re slicing up some zucchini, if any of those remnants are dropped down your drain, then they’ll create a blockage over time. Even if you have a garbage disposal, tossing a variety of different fruits and veggie “leftovers” down will still create a clog — and can even damage your disposal in the process.

Cooking Additives

Another common clogging agent happens to be grease and other cooking oils. Of course, you will have to dispose of these essential cooking substances, but it should never be down the sink or a drain of any kind. When you pour grease/oil into a drain, the liquid will cling to the sides of the pipe, ultimately creating a barrier that cannot be broken down. If you need to get rid of your cooking oils and grease, then tossing them into a tin can will do the trick — which you can throw out in the garbage, afterward, once they harden in the can.


Do you tend to find hair that clumps around your sink or shower drain? If so, then it’s possible that can be causing a problematic buildup in the long run. Ideally, if you see any hair, you’ll want to remove it and toss it out, but don’t flush it down the toilet, since that can also create another clog over time. Instead, get drain covers to prevent a potential problem (and headache) from happening.

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