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grease trap

Why a Grease Trap is Important

The mere thought of an overflowing sewer is enough to make most people's stomachs churn. The cost of cleaning up and repairing the damages caused by a full sewer is even more horrifying to think about, which is why preventative measures are essential.

Did you know that half of all sewer buildup is caused by grease? Restaurants and food establishments aren't allowed to empty grease into the sewer, but do you know where your cooking waste goes? Thick, oily substances that are flushed down your pipes wind up somewhere, and that somewhere can wind up turning into an expensive problem down the line without a grease trap.

What is a Grease Trap?

As its name implies, a grease trap catches grease, oil and other food waste that could clog up a sewer system. You may also see these devices referred to as a grease interceptor or grease converter.

Why is it Important?

Rather than allowing your kitchen's grease to flow freely through your pipes, a grease trap will stop any troublesome substances in their tracks. Excessive amounts of grease can gather over time, which is why working with a professional team you can trust is important. Not only can we help you ensure you have the right grease trap for your needs, but we will also make sure it's routinely cleaned and fully operational!

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