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woman scrubbing grime off tile

Why Should I Avoid Cleaning my Bathroom with Bleach?

Why is it that cleaning commercials always tell us that using bleach is the only way to get a good, deep clean? Contrary to what you may have heard, bleach is anything but best. In fact, it may actually be harming your pipes, floors, counter, and family.

The next time you reach for the bleach, consider these few things:

Bleach can Affect Your Health

Simply put, bleach can be dangerous. Though most people know it’s toxic if ingested, many homeowners tend to forget that breathing it in while cleaning is also unhealthy.

Especially if you have young children who like to stick everything in their mouth, bleach is the last thing you should be cleaning toys, floors, and surfaces with.

Bleach is Bad for Your Plumbing

Especially for people with white sinks and bathtubs, bleach is a popular cleaner. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t realize that their pipes weren’t designed to handle a chemical as harsh as bleach. With enough cleanings, bleach can begin eating away at your pipes.

Bleach Harms the Environment

Sensing a theme? The chemicals you use to clean your home don’t always stay in your home. Once bleach has made its way through your pipes it will run off into a water bank where it combines with other chemicals.

Bleach Can’t Be Combined Without Natural Cleaners

Combining bleach with anything other than water is a recipe for disaster (literally). In an effort to dilute bleach, many homeowners will try adding common natural cleaners to it, like white vinegar, baking soda, liquid soap, and natural salt. Unfortunately, bleach can become more toxic when combined with other ingredients — something homeowners typically don’t realize until a harsh smell has filled the room.

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