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Should I Keep My AC on When I’m at Work?

Should I Keep My AC on When I’m at Work?

Summer is here, but you still have to work — and even if you haven't attended school in decades, you wish summer vacation was something you could still look forward to. Having to go out of the house and work when it's a sweltering 90-plus degrees outside can make coming home to a hot house that much worse. Turning off your AC when you're out of the house makes sense, but is it really saving you as much money as you think?

When I’m at Work, Should I Keep My AC On?

The best way to cut back on extra energy costs, without turning your home into a sauna, is to raise the temperature on your thermostat while you're gone. Shutting off your AC altogether will only cause you to run your unit for a much longer period of time, starting the minute you arrive home and open the front door.

The Right Temperature to Cool Off

Air conditioners are at their top performance when they're running at full-blast, but you don't want your system to be doing its best work when no one is around to enjoy the refreshing coolness. Instead of turning the whole system off when you leave, set your thermostat to around 78 degrees.

Your AC will naturally use less energy when it's set to a higher temperature, but the 78-degree limit will keep your house from feeling scorching hot while you're away. If you're into something more high-tech, a smart thermostat can actually learn your schedule, preferences, and can be adjusted by a smartphone or tablet while you're away from home.

Never Spend Summer Sweating Indoors

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