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beer in glass

Home Hacks that Require Beer, Not Water!

Beer is revered for a lot of reasons, but there are some hidden reasons you might not expect. The oldest beer dates back over 9,000 years to China, but most people consider the ancestor of beer as we know it today to belong to the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia. Suffice it to say that beer has been around for a long time, but there are plenty of surprising uses that don't involve drinking it!

Before you pull a bottle of your favorite brew out of the fridge to unwind, check out these home hacks and find a new way to put beer to good use.

Polish Your Gold Jewelry

Use some lager on a soft cloth to restore the original luster of your gold jewelry. Next, dry with a clean cloth and treat yourself to a drink for all your hard work.

Remove Stains

Beer can lift stubborn coffee and tea stains from rugs. Alcohol can help lift long-lasting marks from your carpet but exercise caution. If you don't clean the right way, you'll just wind up with a more extensive beer stain.

Use a soft cloth and blot some room-temperature beer onto the stain. Flush the area with cool water and thoroughly dry.

Get Rid of Rust

Soak old screws in beer for 10 to 15 seconds. You can also loosen rust on metallic surfaces by adding some beer and letting the carbonation break down the rust. It may not be a surefire way to polish an antique piece entirely, but beer can come in handy when you come across some old hardware that needs a little tune-up.

Wash Your Hair

Yes, you read that correctly. Unfortunately, the process is not as quick as pouring a bottle of lager on your head in the shower, but it is simple to make! First, you’ll want to boil about a cup of beer on the stove until the alcohol is diluted. Once cold, pour some lager into a bottle of shampoo, close the cap, shake it up and mix the two. After that’s complete, you’ll be good to go with your hair-reviving shampoo!

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