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How Long Do Plumbing Pipes Last?

Just like the old saying goes: “Nothing lasts forever” — and the same concept applies to the plumbing pipes in your home. Over time, your pipes are worn down to the core when they’re in use (and if you think about it, these “lifelines” are in use every single second of the day). If you think your pipes have seen better days, but you’re not sure when they should be replaced, here are a few important notes to keep in mind:

Supply Pipes

In any building, there are two types of plumbing pipes that you’ll encounter. The first are your supply pipes. These pipes do precisely what their name implies: they supply water to the various fixtures in your home. That being said, these pipes are put under a lot of pressure, having to transport water at every waking minute. Now, it’s one thing to supply water to fixtures, but what about draining that water? Ladies and gents, it’s time to meet the drain line!

Drain Lines

This plumbing essential may be self-explanatory, but drain lines help water leave a building with ease. Just like your supply pipes, the drain line is put up to the challenge to transport water all day and night. As you could imagine, the line (pipe) begins to wear down over time. However, just like supply pipes, it depends on the material that your drain line is made of that will tell its fate.


Depending on what your plumbing pipes are made of, the material will give you a rough estimate of how long they’ll hold up and when you should have them replaced. If you have an idea of what your pipes are made of, then here are some lifespan estimates to take note of:

  • Supply Pipes: One of the most popular options happens to be galvanized steel, which has a maximum lifespan of approximately 50 years. However, if they’re made of copper, then you’re in luck: the maximum lifespan is proposed to surpass 50 years!

  • Drain Lines: If your home is equipped with PVC drain lines, then we have some excellent news for you: they’ll hold up for an extremely long time. However, if the lines are made from cast iron, then they’ll have a maximum lifespan of 100 years old.

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