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What are the Benefits of Having Plants Indoors?

Houseplants are a wonderful way to add some life to your home and infuse your decor with a little bit of nature. Indoor plants are low-maintenance but offer a rewarding experience to their owners as they tend to them throughout the years. In addition to adding aesthetic value to your space, houseplants also pose a variety of health benefits that make them excellent additions to everyone's life.

From improved air quality to sickness prevention, here are a few of our favorite plant perks.

Cleaner Air

The leaves and roots of indoor plants can remove trace levels of toxic chemicals from the air. According to NASA, foliage plants are great at warding off indoor air pollution and can remove harmful contaminants like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Research shows that indoor plants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in just 24 hours.

You don't have to live in a spaceship to have your air purified by a plant! There are plenty of great options to choose from, including bamboo palm, spider plant, and chrysanthemum.

Feel Better

Studies show that the presence of houseplants can improve your mood. A Japanese practice called "forest bathing" invites people to spend quality time outdoors, surrounded by greenery. The presence of natural foliage and trees can help people reconnect with their five senses, ground themselves in the present, and release feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression.

You may not be able to go forest bathing at whim, but buying mood-boosting houseplants like lavender, aloe and peace lily can do wonders.

Reduce Noise

Houseplants can help cut back on outside noise and give you a more restful, peaceful home. Indoor plants act as sound absorbents, especially those with thick leaves. If you live in a noisy area, houseplants can deflect and refract intrusive sounds by turning it into other forms of energy.

Find the Best Way to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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