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fruit flies on orange slice

How Can I Get Rid of Fruit Flies in my Home?

One of the most irritating sights in any home (or office) are fruit flies. Known to be harmless pests, these little guys seem to linger around for weeks at a time and can become a nuisance when they’re zipping past your head throughout the day. If you’re looking to get rid of these unwelcome guests, here are a few tricks to try.

Vinegar Bubble Bath

For starters, this method is rather simple. First, you’ll want to get a little bowl and pour vinegar no more than halfway. Next, take dish soap of any kind and add about three drops into the vinegar. Once that’s complete, you’ll want to set the uncovered bowl in a prime area where you happen to notice the most flies.

The premise is that the flies will want to get to the vinegar, but upon landing on the dish soap (which acts as a barrier), they’ll begin to submerge into the mixture. The longer you leave the bowl out, the fewer fruit flies you’ll see running amuck in your home.

Fruit Fly Bar

Believe it or not, fruit flies actually like wine and beer — but no, you won’t happen to see them pull up a stool at your local bar. To get these pests from hovering around your home, you’ll want to take either a nearly-completed bottle of wine or an old bottle of beer and leave it out in the area where the non-rent-paying occupants dwell. The minute they happen to get a whiff of either beverage, they’ll hover to the bottle, attempt to drink, and get stuck within the neck of the bottle.

Sour Apple Juice

Granted, it’s not actual apple juice we’re referring to, but apple cider vinegar (see what we’re getting at?)! For this method, take an 8oz drinking glass and fill it halfway with some apple cider vinegar.

Next, take some plastic wrap and cover the top of the glass — but make sure to secure the plastic wrap with a rubber band or two. Following that, poke a few small holes into the top of the wrap, and within minutes, the flies will zip through the holes, try to drink the vinegar, and get stuck in the process.

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