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sprinklers in yard

How to Save Money Watering Your Yard

When warmer weather arrives, one thing is certain: you’ll be wasting more water. How so, you might ask? Simple: it starts with watering your property. Whether you’re leaving the sprinklers on all day and night or you have a leaking hose bibb, there are many ways that you might be using much more water than you think you are. So, how can you cut back on your consumption and save some money in the process? Take a deep breath, and start with these tips.

Water at the Base

When you water your plants, how exactly do you “bathe” them? For most, they might shower the entire plant; but that’s one of the most common causes of water waste. Believe it or not, it’s best to try and only water the soil where the roots can absorb every ounce of water. If you happen to hydrate the leaves, then that could decrease the overall lifespan of the plant.

Know When to Water

Believe it or not, it’s possible to overwater your horticulture. Plants survive off of a diet that primarily consists of water and sunlight, but too much of either could be detrimental to their health. If you’re looking for a healthy balance of both nutrients, it’s best to do your research or consult with your local gardening center. However, you can always keep the “less is more” theory in mind — because a generous amount of water is better than multiple gallons per day.

Check For Leaks

Just like it’s possible to have a hidden leak within your home, the same concept applies to your outdoor plumbing. Whether it’s an outdoor sink or a hose bibb, nothing is off limits when it comes to leaks. To help save water (and money), you’ll want to ensure that your irrigation system is free of cracks, leaks, or plugged emitters. If you’re not sure where to look or aren’t positive that something is definitely leaking, give us a call, and we’ll help get to the root of the problem in no time.

Has Your Outdoor Plumbing Seen Better Days?

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