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Eco-Friendly Ways to Make a Room Smell Better

Eco-Friendly Ways to Make a Room Smell Better

Sometimes, your home can bear a less-than-pleasant smell — which tends to happen when you least expect it. Sure, you can opt for an aerosol air freshener that promises to make your home smell like freshly baked cookies, but spraying those chemicals can harm your indoor air quality, respiratory health, and the environment.

To reap the benefits of a clean, smelling home (without the harmful airborne additives), here are some natural ways to deodorize your living space:

Natural Ways to Make a Room Smell Better

Mason Jars + Baking Soda

Is your household one of the many that has a box of baking soda in the back of your refrigerator, all in an effort to keep it smelling fresh? Well, friends, what if we told you that baking essential also has the power to make any room in your home smell fresh?

To do this, take a clean mason jar and poke some holes in the top of the lid. Next, take the cover off and pour about ½ cup of baking soda inside, followed by some drops of your favorite essential oil. Once complete, secure the lid on top of the jar and place it in a room in your home that needs some extra TLC. Within minutes, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a fresh-smelling room!

Scented Pine Cones

No matter what time of the year it may be, there’s always room for decorative pine cones in your home — especially if the holiday season is on the horizon! And the best part about creating these beautiful, natural scent atomizers is that you can either purchase them from your local arts and crafts store or pick some from the backyard!

Once you have acquired your pine cones, it’s time to add a few drops of (you guessed it!) essential oil to each one. Finally, it’s time to find an area to display your scented pine cones! Whether you’re looking to space them out among a tabletop or place them in a decorative glass bowl, the options are endless!

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