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How to Stay Warm Without Adjusting the Thermostat

How to Stay Warm Without Adjusting the Thermostat

When the temperature outside begins to drop, it can be quite alarming — especially to those that always feel cold. That said, while you can adjust your thermostat and bask in the warmth, prolonged usage may increase your utility bills. However, if you’re looking to stay toasty and cozy this winter, without overworking your heater, here are a few helpful tips to use!

Tips on How to Stay Warm

Warm Beverages Over Cold Beverages

When you visit your local coffee shop, do you opt for hot or iced coffee? Well, if you opt for the latter, you’ll only be making yourself much chillier. Instead, always opt for warm beverages — such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Not only will they taste absolutely wonderful, but they’ll warm you up from the outside in!

The More Layers, The Better

No, we’re not talking about a seven-layer cake (although, that’s quite delicious), but rather wearing more layers when the temperature begins to plummet. Just like when you’d head outside to shovel snow, wearing a comfortable amount of layers indoors will help keep you toasty and warm!

For example, don’t be afraid to wear a long-sleeved shirt, with a crewneck sweatshirt over it — that will provide maximum comfort and coziness!

Bake More Often

Do you have a sweet tooth or know someone that does? If so, another great way to stay warm is to start baking more often! Believe it or not, after you’ve baked your sweet treats — whether that be a cake, cupcakes, or cookies — turn the oven off and leave the door open. Doing this will help the “leftover” heat disperse into the room.

Pro tip: If you have kids or pets, proceed with caution, as this could be a safety hazard.

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