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Reasons Why a Residential Heating Bill Can Increase

Reasons Why a Residential Heating Bill Can Increase

When you’re a homeowner, it might feel as if your bills are increasing by the minute (or, realistically, statement). And by the time you submit your payment for your current stack of bills, it will already be time to pay the next round of statements before you know it. Speaking of invoices, one that tends to increase without rhyme or reason is your heating bill — but why is that?

Possible Reasons For the Increase

Old or Broken Furnace

As the timeless saying goes: “All good things must come to an end.” And one of those good things is your furnace — which may give way when you need it the most. Ultimately, if your furnace is up there in age or hasn’t had routine maintenance in quite some time, your risk of a system breakdown is higher.

On the other side of the spectrum, there could be a lingering issue inside of your furnace, which is causing the unit to go into overdrive, working much harder than it has to — which may increase your bills.

Poorly Insulated Home

On a scale from one to 10, how well would you say your home is insulated? Well, if you’re not too sure how to respond to that question, you’ll find out when the first “arctic chill” comes to town!

Typically, when a house is poorly insulated (or lacks it in individual rooms), the cold will creep in when you least expect it. And when that happens, you’ll be inclined to adjust the temperature to compensate for the heat escaping at a rapid pace.

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