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Secrets to Avoiding Plumbing Problems on Thanksgiving

Secrets to Avoiding Plumbing Problems on Thanksgiving

When you hear the word “Thanksgiving,” what comes to mind first? For many, that can be the incredible array of food and spending time with loved ones — but what about experiencing a plumbing problem on the big day? Sure, this is something that might not come to mind, but as it’s known, these problems strike when you least expect them.

If you’re looking to have a problem-free “turkey day,” here are some very helpful tips to keep in mind:

How to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Keep Grease Out of the Drain

Cooking on Thanksgiving is a big deal for many reasons — which could be quite stressful for some homeowners. And in the midst of preparing the turkey to absolute perfection and making sure that the sweet potato pie isn’t burning in the oven, there’s a chance you might make a plumbing mistake — what would that entail? Simple: Pouring cooking oil and grease down your sink drain.

While this might seem harmless, at first, it’s actually a rather significant problem. Believe it or not, when these post-cooking liquids come into contact with a cold plumbing pipe, they’ll harden and cause a blockage. And if that happens, you’ll be looking at some pretty severe draining problems.

However, the solution to the issue is straightforward: Make sure to pour all cooking oil and grease into an old tin can or container. The cooking “leftovers” will eventually solidify in the can, making it possible to toss the entire container into a garbage can.

Be Mindful of Flushing

In life, there should only be two things that are flushed down your toilet: “the obvious” and toilet paper — that’s it. Nowadays, there are many products on the market (we’re looking at you, “flushable” wipes) that claim they are water-soluble and will be gentle on your plumbing. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

For example, “flushable” wipes don’t actually disintegrate as easily as they claim and can be somewhat dangerous to your plumbing (hello, severe clog). Other items that you should never flush down your “throne” include, but are not limited to:

  • Makeup wipes

  • Paper towels

  • Cotton swabs

  • Dental floss

  • Contact lenses

And if you happen to have guests that are staying the night, and are fearful they might flush something out of the ordinary, make sure to have a small garbage can in the bathroom. This will help avoid a plumbing problem, as well as embarrassment on your guest’s behalf!

When You Encounter a Plumbing Problem, There’s Only One Name to Trust: Pipe Wrench!

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