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What Causes a Drain to Make Spooky Sounds?

What Causes a Drain to Make Spooky Sounds?

Wait — what was that? You know, that strange, lingering noise? Did it come from the attic? No, it couldn’t have. What about the basement? Negative. Oh, goodness — it’s coming from a sink drain! Regardless of the season, if a drain in your home has been very vocal lately, here’s what might be causing it:


Sometimes, you’ll hear some aggressive gurgling or bubbling coming from your sink drain — which, of course, is a cause for concern. In fact, it might even sound like there is a “monster” present in your drain with indigestion problems. Regardless of what you might compare the startling sounds to, there’s a chance that you have a blocked drain line on your hands. And if your main drain line has a blockage, then there’s a chance that the “spooky sounds” will be heard throughout different drains in your home — something that no homeowner ever wants to face.


Do you hear something that sounds like a wandering ghost hitting your sink with a hammer every time you turn it off? If that’s the case, it’s not a goblin or ghoul looking to start a home improvement project, but rather a lingering issue with your water pressure.

When you turn the faucet on, your water supply will run towards the fixture’s spout, giving you (you guessed it) water. However, if the water pressure is on the stronger end of the spectrum, there’s a chance that when the faucet is shut off, the high-pressure water will hit the closed valve and provide that alarming sound.

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