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cleaning without chemicals

Cleaning Without Chemicals: Here's How to Do It

Cleaning Without Chemicals

Now, more than ever, it can feel as if it’s nearly impossible to obtain household cleaning products at your local grocery store. From multipurpose cleaners to anti-bacterial wipes, everything is virtually out of stock. However, if you’re looking to keep your home sparkling clean, here are some natural ways you can do that with products you find right around your humble abode.

Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

DIY Multipurpose Spray

If you’re accustomed to using an all-purpose cleaning agent in your home, you might want to consider creating your own with just two simple ingredients: vinegar and water! To start, take a spray bottle and fill it halfway with water. Next, take some vinegar and fill up the rest of the container. Once complete, you can start cleaning your home!

From wiping down the bathroom sink to the countertops in your kitchen, no surface is off-limits with this “green” cleaning agent. Also, if you’d like to spruce up the scent of your homemade cleaning solution, you can always add a few drops of your favorite essential oil — from lavender to lemongrass, the possibilities are endless!

Baking Soda Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Since it happens to be one of the dirtiest objects in your home, does the inside of your toilet bowl need a good, deep cleaning? If so, it’s best to get the job done with the help of baking soda! Now, you don’t need to pour half the box into your porcelain throne; you’ll only need to sprinkle a small amount along the inside of the fixture.

After that, take a small amount of vinegar and pour it over the baking soda, before gently scrubbing the mixture with a wet toilet brush. This will help your throne sparkle and shine while also helping to deodorize it. Plus, this combination is safer for your pipes when compared to many store-bought cleaners.

Did You Run into a Plumbing Problem in Your Home?

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