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Reasons to Upgrade Your Water Heater

You May Need to Part Ways With Your Current Water Heater

One of the most critical details in any home is a water heater. Fully living up to its name, you’d have nothing but arctic-esc H2O running through your humble abode's pipes if this unit wasn’t present.

However, while a tank-based water heater can live a long, prosperous life (with regular maintenance, of course), there is a chance that your current unit may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Here are a few signs that may indicate you need to part ways with your current water heater.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Heater


If you happen to spot rust anywhere on the tank, that’s a good indication that you’ll need to replace your unit as soon as possible. For instance, your tank's inner lining is typically made from high-quality steel, which can corrode over time without proper maintenance. However, what may have initially caused the rust to appear in the first place was the failure to replace the anode rod.

This essential piece, which is typically made from aluminum, magnesium, or zinc, helps prevent your water heater from rusting by taking the corrosion's brunt — saving the lining in the process. However, if the rod is overdue for a replacement and overlooked for quite some time, the tank will be susceptible to rust.


If you notice any trace of water coming out of your water heater, where it normally wouldn’t exit the tank, there’s a chance that you have a leak on your hands and will need to replace the unit as soon as possible. This will often indicate that there may be pressure buildup within the tank (which could happen if the H2O pressure or temperature is too high), potentially causing it to combust.

Even if you notice that the leak seems reasonably small, it’s still important to quickly contact your plumber to avoid a dangerous event. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry — especially when it comes to your humble abode!

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