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Is My Thermostat Causing My Furnace Issue?

Is My Thermostat Causing My Furnace Issue?

Your thermostat does far more than keep you comfortable indoors. As part of your home's heating and air conditioning system, the thermostat influences how well your HVAC functions in a variety of ways. If your thermostat isn't properly calibrated, you could experience issues that result in less comfort and higher energy bills.

Now, if your furnace stops working or you notice it's not functioning as it should, the culprit may have something to do with your thermostat. After you rule out any mechanical issues with your actual furnace, it's a good idea to consider how your thermostat could be affecting your heat.

Below are a few common furnace problems that may be connected to your thermostat.

Common Furnace Problems Homeowners May Encounter


If your furnace shuts on and off repeatedly, your thermostat may be running low on power. However, replacing its batteries may fix the problem.

Pro tip: Replace any alkaline batteries with lithium ones; they last much longer and provide a more consistent level of power for your thermostat.

Uneven Heating

Furnaces that sporadically heat your home could have a faulty connection to your thermostat. Poor installation can result in misfiring or improper electrical connections. It's not always a significant repair job, but if your furnace itself is in good condition, you will need a pro to take a more in-depth look at your thermostat's inner-workings.

Shutting Off

If dirt or dust particles get trapped in your thermostat, it could cause your furnace to turn off entirely. A thorough, very gentle cleaning of the thermostat's interior with soft brushes can usually rectify the issue. Older models may have a damaged heat anticipator, an integral part of the thermostat that tells the furnace burners when to turn on or shut off.

Issues with a dirty thermostat or a faulty heat anticipator can cause your furnace to turn off even when you haven't touched the dial.

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