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What Should I Do With My Old Kitchen Appliances?

What Should I Do With My Old Kitchen Appliances?

Like the tides, kitchen appliances come and go. The average dishwasher lasts for around 10 years, and a stove can last up to 15. After a long, happy life together, it may be time to part ways with your old kitchen appliances, but what are you supposed to do with them before their replacements arrive?

Getting rid of old kitchen appliances responsibly is essential for both legal and environmental reasons. You cannot merely chuck an old stove outside and wait for the sanitation worker to haul it away. But you may not even know how to safely dispose of your appliances, which is why we're here to give you the run-down!

How Can I Dispose of My Old Kitchen Appliances?

Contact a Professional Junk Hauling Company

If your appliances aren't reusable, then you can contact a local junk hauling company to take them off your hands for a nominal fee. Just make sure that you research their disposal practices and ensure that the removal is environmentally friendly.

Inquire With the Appliance Store About Disposal

Many home improvement and appliance stores offer removal services with new purchases. Some stores even offer them for free. That said, when you’re searching for a new appliance, see which retailers will haul the old appliance for free.

Donate Them to a Family In Need

If your appliances still work, but you're swapping them out for an upgrade, consider donating them to a family in need. To do this, visit your local charitable organization or community center and inquire to see if they know of a family that you can provide your appliance to.

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