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Unexpected Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can be a menace. As it makes its way into our homes through many different avenues we wouldn't expect, we must become more aware of these sources in order to protect our families and ourselves. Although some of these tasks are considered fun activities, they may risk our home’s air quality. Therefore, Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. is here to help share some unexpected causes of air pollution within your cozy confines that you may be shocked to hear about!

3 Ways your Household can be Affected by Indoor Pollutants

1.) Through Arts & Crafts

Crafting essentials like paints, markers, and glue can release lingering fumes when being utilized indoors. As crafting is crucial to expressing creativity (and an excellent way to pass the time), the warmer months approaching provide the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and move these future Picasso-type projects outside.

2.) Home Remodeling

People look forward to remodeling their house. The excitement of picking out paint colors, and the perfect carpet, can be compromised due to pollutants found within these objects that can cause headaches, dizziness, or reactions closely associated with asthma.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released through fresh coats of paint can cause people to be susceptible to health problems from the paint’s high-concentrations. Although these VOCs can vanish by the time the paint dries, some may linger.

As for carpets, their glue and vinyl backings contain chemicals (such as off-gassing), which can be released up-to five years after installation. But no need to worry too much — most off-gassing takes place within the first few months.

For these issues, you can invest in an air purification system which will ensure that your household has pure air quality. Additionally, you can also purchase paint that contains low-VOCs or no-VOCs within their formulas.

3.) Pet Dander

Although they’re an essential part of the family, your fur babies can result in dander fluttering throughout your house, jeopardizing your indoor air quality. For some people, the danger can trigger allergic reactions (i.e., a runny nose, scratchy throat, etcetera).

To avoid this, the best possible solution is to hone in on your deep-cleaning skills and get to work! Regularly mopping, washing walls, and vacuuming will keep things in order to fend off those lingering allergens.

Overwhelmed by the Sources of Indoor Air Pollution? We’re Here to Help!

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