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What Can Happen if I Don't Replace My Air Filter?

Should I Replace My Air Filter?

One of the most essential pieces of your home’s comfort system is the air filter. Known to help your unit “breathe” easily and keep it running smoothly, this piece to the “puzzle” must be swapped out every 30 to 60 days, depending on how often you rely on your unit — and, of course, based on the number of allergens that are present in your home (i.e., pets).

However, some homeowners would rather forgo changing it altogether, which isn’t a good thing. If you’re considering keeping your current air filter in-tact for a more extended period, here are some problems you may run into:

The Downsides of Not Changing an Air Filter

Energy Bills Can Increase

As mentioned earlier, an air filter plays a vital role in your comfort system's performance — it helps the unit “breathe” and run efficiently. However, when a filter has been in use for quite some time, it will begin to clog, making it harder for air to pass through it.

This makes your unit work much harder than it has to, to keep your home as comfortable as can be. As a result, you’ll begin to notice a gradual increase in your utility bills, since your home’s central comfort system will be working longer “shifts” to reach the temperature that you desire.

The Lifespan of Your Furnace Can Decrease

Another thing to keep in mind is that when an air filter is clogged and puts your unit into overdrive, the extra strain can cause your furnace to play its “final performance” sooner rather than later.

When this happens, it’s less likely that a repair will be able to revive it — this means that you’ll need to replace your furnace altogether (which can be rather costly, compared to the average price of a new air filter).

Temperature Regulation Will be Poor

Believe it or not, the strain that a clogged air filter puts on a comfort system can also hinder the temperature regulation in your home — but how? Simple: It can make it harder for heat to travel through the vents, ultimately making some rooms warmer than others.

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