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Ways a Thermostat Can Cause Furnace Problems

Can My Thermostat Cause Problems With My Furnace?

The minute you feel as if your home’s furnace is performing under par, it’s essential to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible. However, if you recently changed its filter and noticed that all the vital components seem to be in place and pristine condition, there’s a chance that your thermostat may be to blame.

If you suspect that this temperature-controlling device is keeping your home colder than you’d like it to be, here are some reasons why your thermostat could be malfunctioning in the first place:

Problems You Can Run Into With Your Thermostat

Faulty Wiring

If your thermostat has been around for quite some time, there’s a chance that the wires within it have aged and are now loose or inadequate, causing the problem you’re dealing with.

If you feel as if you may have loose or aged wires on your hands, call your trusted HVAC technician right away to repair it. Of course, if you’re looking to have peace of mind, it may be wise to consider having your technician replace the thermostat altogether.

Power Problems

Another issue you could run into with your thermostat is one with the device’s power. If you look at the screen on the temperature-controlling device and notice a low-voltage sign, it may be time to consider replacing the batteries within it.

If your thermostat does not rely on batteries, you’ll want to head over to your furnace switch and turn it on. Sometimes, you may turn it off (accidentally) when you’re leaving the room where your furnace is located, thinking it's a light switch.

Dust and Debris

When was the last time you gave your thermostat a proper cleaning? If you cannot recall, you may need to complete that task sooner rather than later. As it turns out, a dirty or dusty bimetallic coil can hinder the performance of your furnace.

To clean it, you’ll want to adjust your thermostat to the lowest setting and gently clean the coil with a soft-bristle brush. Once complete, turn the thermostat to the highest setting and repeat the cleaning process. After this has been completed, your thermostat should be good to go — but if it still seems to underperform, it’s time to call your trusted HVAC professional to schedule a visit to your home.

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