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25 DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas

How to Update Your Bathroom for Less

One of the most popular rooms in a home is the bathroom — and for obvious reasons. Since there’s not a day that goes by where you don’t visit this space, you might start to grow tired of its look. While you may want to have it completely renovated, there’s a chance you might not be able to “swing it” when it comes to finances.

However, if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom on a budget, here are some simple ways you can do that with the utmost ease (and fun)!

1. Wallpaper is Still Alive and Well

When you think of wallpaper, your mind might automatically envision a loud, busy, outdated pattern that your parents may have had pasted on the walls many years ago. Thankfully, wallpaper has come a long way in terms of design — and we have to say, it’s not all that bad!

If you’re looking to forego painting the walls (or create an accent wall) in your bathroom, consider opting for wallpaper! In addition to the “old-fashioned” method of applying it, nowadays, there are “peel-and-stick” options that you can use; that way, if you have a change of heart down the road, you can remove it without destroying the wall’s surface beneath it!

2. Update Your Claw-Foot Tub

Are you looking to part ways with your claw-foot tub because it looks a tad shabby? Don’t kick it to the curb right away — consider reglazing it instead! Doing so will help freshen up its look; it will cost much less than having it removed and replaced with a new tub!

3. Upcycle a Towel Rack

Looking to get rid of your outdated towel rack and add some character to your bathroom? If that’s the case, head to your local thrift store and purchase an old wall-hanging coat rack! After it has been cleaned, seal it with clear polyurethane and you’ll be good to go!

4. Candles are a Must

Nothing elevates luxury more than adding candles to a bathroom! However, since they are prone to be a fire hazard, consider going for faux candles! Not only will these provide the ambiance that you’re looking for, but they’ll give you peace of mind — just in case one gets too close to your hanging hand towel.

5. Repurpose a Vintage Vanity

If you’re looking to go the extra mile in your master bathroom, consider transforming an old vintage washstand into an inexpensive vanity! This will not only add some retro charm to your lavatory, but it can also provide more storage space — which is always a must!

6. Frame Your Tub

We get it — sometimes, a drop-in tub isn’t the most visually appealing. However, think about hiding it with a tub surround! To do this successfully and eliminate the chance of rotting wood, create the surround with plywood. Once complete, top it off with waterproof laminate!

7. Tile an Accent Wall

Another way to jazz up a focal wall in your lavatory is to consider tiling it! One of the latest trends that will give the space a fresh new look is to use subway tiles! These inexpensive, high-end-looking tiles come in a variety of colors and can help completely transform the space!

8. Keep it Simple

Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean you have to cut out a piece of your wall to insert a recessed medicine cabinet. Instead (especially if you’re renting), consider hanging up a flush-mount mirror. Not only is it simple to do, but you can change out the mirror in the future, too!

9. Bring the Shutters Indoors

Want to add an extra layer of privacy to your bathroom? Instead of opting for curtains, consider installing a pair of repurposed window shutters! Not only will these add dimension and character to your residential restroom, but they’ll be the perfect way to create more privacy — which is always a plus!

10. Beadboard the Ceiling

If you’re looking to enhance your ceiling or want it to be much more eye-catching, try creating a beadboard canopy and make sure to extend it down (just a smidge) to the walls. This will give the ceiling a lifted look and may help the bathroom look larger!

11. Use a Mixed-Material Floor

Who says a bathroom floor has to be made of one material? Why not change things up and add a different material to another section of your restroom — such as rock-like tile around your bathtub! This will further elevate the room and add some visual appeal for less!

12. Transform a Mirrored Dresser into a Vanity

Like tip number five, this will work best if you have a vintage mirrored dresser that can be repurposed into a vanity! The best part about this project is that not only will the mirror already be attached to the vanity, but it will become the focal point in your bathroom!

13. Checkerboard Floors Also Work in Bathrooms

When you picture a vintage diner, what usually comes to mind first? Ah, yes — a checkered floor; that can make a whimsical design element in your lavatory! For the best results, take 12-inch tiles and convert them into 4-inches!

14. Replenish the Existing Tilework

One of the best ways to help update your pre-existing tilework is to consider using an acid etcher (which is homeowner-friendly to use!) to help bring your tiles back to life. By carefully adhering to the instructions, you’ll be able to get your tiles from “drab” to “fab” in no time!

15. Think About Adding a Curved Backsplash

Were you looking to transform your current vanity into a vintage washstand? If so, use marine-grade polymer and create a curved backsplash behind your vanity. This will help draw the eye in, as well as give your bathroom the rustic, vintage-feel you’re looking for!

16. Make Your Bathroom Monochromatic

If you’re on the hunt to add some modern elegance to your bathroom, consider transforming it into a monochromatic wonderland! To do this, it’s simple: paint the walls and tile the floors the same color!

17. Install a Vintage Light Fixture

Want to add a splash of vintage (notice a trend here?) to your bathroom? The best way to tie the space together is to ditch your current light fixture and install a vintage one — whether it’s an heirloom or from a flea market! Another thing to consider is that a retro lighting fixture — such as a chandelier — can make the bathroom look much more expensive!

18. Make Multicolored Mosaic Magic

Let’s face it: a white bathroom floor is dull. To help bring it to life, consider adding a splash of color to it by replacing some of the white tile accents with colored ones! The best part about this? If you head to your local flooring store, they may have an overstock section where you can pick and choose the little splashes of colored tile you’re looking for at a lower price!

19. Consider Whitewashed Barn Wood

The best way to obtain that highly sought-after rustic look in your bathroom is by adding whitewashed-salvaged planks of wood as a chair rail around the room (even though the only “chair” is your toilet). This will help give your bathroom that rustic, farmhouse feel that all the pros are creating on home improvement shows!

20. Install a Shower Curtain Track

Not really into the whole visible shower curtain look? No problem — consider installing a track on the ceiling of your bathroom not only to hold the shower curtain in place but to remove the presence (and use) of a shower rod altogether. As a bonus, this will help give the appearance that the bathroom is much taller!

21. Mount a Cabinet on the Wall

If you have a bathroom on the smaller side, you may be struggling to find storage space. And while you could attempt to reorganize your belongings under the sink, it doesn’t always help create more room. Solution? Install a mountable cabinet on a wall that’s not in a high-traffic (or confined) area!

22. Revive Regal Elegance

One of the best ways to give your bathroom a luxurious, regal look is to consider having a claw-foot tub installed — however, don’t be so quick to squeeze it into a corner. Instead, think about having the tub (if the room allows it) installed on a diagonal. This will make the room feel much more expensive, as well as giving your bathroom an exquisite look!

23. Red Linoleum can Brighten the Space

Who says you have to go with a muted color of linoleum for your bathroom floor? Take things up a notch and opt for red linoleum! This is the perfect fit for bathrooms limited in space but in need of a splash of color to tie the room altogether!

24. Consider Implementing a Decorative Window

Were you looking to liven up your window situation while adding privacy? If so, think about implementing a decorative window — such as a vintage stained glass window — into your bathroom! Not only will that add a beautiful visual element to your lavatory, but if the stained glass is frosted, you’ll have an extra layer of seclusion in your space!

25. Install Water-Resistant Wainscot

If you want to heighten your bathroom’s visual appeal, consider adding wainscot — specifically waterproof wainscot. This will take the room to the next level and add some “glam,” whether the space is big or small!

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