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How is a Heat Pump Different from a Furnace?

How are Heat Pumps and Furnaces Different?

Two popular options come to mind when it comes to your home’s heating system: a heat pump and a furnace. While both of these units will keep your humble abode as cozy as can be, they do have their differences. And according to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 45% of your home’s energy cost is consumed by your heating unit — so making the right choice for your living situation is all the more critical.

If you’re still on the fence about which heating system you should opt for, the professionals at Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. will break down the difference between the two units, as well as the benefits of each!

Heat Pumps

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Unlike a furnace, a heat pump does not generate heat with fuel; instead, it relies on electricity to get the job done! With an electrical current, heat pumps move a refrigerant-like compound through a series of cycles (condensing and evaporative) to help take that precious heat and deliver it throughout your home!

What are the Benefits of a Heat Pump?

Besides being able to cut your utility costs in half, heat pumps can heat and cool your home — unlike a furnace. That means, instead of having to purchase two separate units to get the job done, a heat pump plays both “leading roles” and will help keep your house comfortable all year long!

Another perk about a heat pump is that the unit only requires one annual maintenance appointment, which will help save on your preventative maintenance costs.

Furthermore, depending on if you have an air-source or geothermal heat pump (one unit uses heat that already exists in the air, while the other uses heat found in the ground), this allows the unit to use less energy to create the comfort you’re looking for — talk about slashing your home’s energy consumption in half!


How Does a Furnace Work?

If you’re relying on this “fan favorite” to keep your home as warm as can be, a furnace burns fuel to produce the heat you’re looking for. And unlike a heat pump, your furnace will not be able to keep you cool in the summertime — you’ll need the help of a central cooling system to make that happen!

What are the Benefits of a Furnace?

Unlike heat pumps that need a little bit of time to warm your home, a furnace can make your living space cozy a tad quicker because they’re not relying on heat found in the ground (or in the air) to provide comfort.

Additionally, furnaces tend to be a much cheaper option for home heating in terms of installation (a geothermal heat pump may be a tad more upfront) and in terms of cost (in some areas, the cost of fuel may be cheaper than electric)!

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