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Knoxville Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Keep up the productivity level in your business. Call your Knoxville commercial air conditioning repair experts for improved cooling efficiency. Same day service or the visit is free. Contact us today at (865) 518-7008.

The air conditioning system in your commercial building is important to your overall productivity. Your staff will have trouble getting the job done with a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer! If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. You have Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. by your side. We are your premier Knoxville commercial air conditioning repair team.

Our technicians guarantee that your system will be repaired right the first time, or you don’t pay a dime! Click here to see how we have helped our customers enjoy greater cooling efficiency.

What are signs you need professional air conditioning repair?

A large building is going to reveal cooling problems quickly. You may notice that parts of the building are cool while others feel like a sauna. Your workers in one part of the building may report that it is too hot, but other workers in another area may tell you that are quite comfortable.

With the air conditioner itself, you may notice that it is making much more noise than usual. It may start to leak refrigerant or produce excess condensation. There may be a problem with the air handler or evaporator coil. Contact us to find the source of the problem. We will make sure whatever is causing your air conditioner to malfunction is repaired right away.

Planning to install a zoned cooling system?

A zoned cooling system allows you complete control over the direction of cool air in your building. Each part of the building will be assigned a zone, and the air conditioning system will cool each zone differently. You can keep specific rooms at a constant temperature, such as the server room, while turning off the air in other rooms that are rarely occupied.

You save every time you turn off a zone in the building, without overworking your air conditioning system.

What are the benefits of professional repair and maintenance?

Any problems you discover in your air conditioning system should be repaired as quickly as possible. Calling for professional assistance at the first hint of trouble allows us to solve the problem as efficiently as possible, saving you from costly expenses.

Keep your staff and guests comfortable, especially during the summer. Receive top notch air conditioning solutions at competitive rates. Contact us today at (865) 518-7008 and receive same day service when you call before noon Monday-Friday.

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