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Does your home have a pool or irrigation system? Do you have any type of system that involves chemicals connecting to your water lines? Does your property use an alternative water source, such as a well? The Knoxville Utilities Board requires you to have a backflow device - specifically, a reduced pressure zone backflow device. Make sure your current device is up to code and contact your Knoxville backflow device repair and replacement technicians at Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc.

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What Is a Backflow Device?

Backflow prevention is key to ensuring the safety of the public water system. Your backflow device keeps contaminated water from returning to your potable water supply. This device is installed at the point where your property connects to the water source.

A backflow device is a valve that allows internal flow in only one direction. The device allows water to flow out of the public supply and into the private system. A properly functioning backflow device prevents water from flowing in the opposite direction. Most businesses and residences are legally required to maintain a backflow device due to the various water uses that could potentially cause cross contamination.

If you have a swimming pool or lawn irrigation system but your backflow device is not working properly, there is potential for cross contamination. A drop in water pressure in the public water supply can also cause backflow problems.

When Do You Need to Call for Repair or Replacement?

Contact us for immediate backflow device repair or replacement if the following occur:

  • Valve starts to spit from the vent, affecting your supply and downstream pressure
  • Sudden drop in valve pressure due to a faulty strainer; this may also indicate a valve that is too small to take on the flow of water
  • The valve has been installed backwards, preventing water from flowing downstream
  • Water spilling due to problems with the check valves and springs
  • Valve continues to have problems after service

These are some of the more common backflow device problems that property owners may experience. If you notice these or other problems, contact us for the right solution.

A poorly working backflow device can affect your community’s water supply. Make sure your device continues to comply with local code by contacting your Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. technician for timely repair and replacement.

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