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Knoxville Water Heater Maintenance

Comprehensive Routine Water Heater Maintenance Services

Many homeowners fail to maintain their water heater until there is a major problem. Routine care can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements. If your water heater is experiencing problems, contact us for an immediate inspection. We will get to the source of the issue and make sure further damage does not occur.

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What are the Benefits of Regular Water Heater Maintenance?

Routine water heater maintenance comes with several benefits. One of the first benefits you will notice is a lower energy bill. An inefficient water heater will need to work harder to provide your usual amount of hot water, which can be a drain on your energy bill. A well-maintained water heater proves more efficient without increasing your energy costs.

Another benefit of regular water heater maintenance is extended service life. We are able to spot minor problems during routine maintenance and have them repaired without hassle. This prevents them from developing into a larger issue and keeps repair costs low for you.

What Do We Look at During a Water Heater Inspection?

One of the first things our plumbers check during maintenance is the heating element. This is what makes your water hot, and a worn element can affect the water temperature.

We will also check for mineral buildup in the tank. Excessive buildup lowers your water quality while leading to tank corrosion and further problems, such as leaking and unexpected burst tanks. We recommend annual tank flushing to prevent corrosion and to keep your water heater running reliably.

Pipes around the water heater will also be checked during routine maintenance. The pipes can become clogged with mineral buildup as well, which can result in leaks or broken pipes.

What are Common Water Heater Problems?

Lack of hot water is a common problem. This is often caused by a faulty heating element. You may need to replace this component if it has worn down over time. Contact our water heater specialists for an inspection and we will determine if a malfunctioning heating element needs to be replaced.

Another common problem is a leaking tank, caused by loose valves or corrosion from mineral buildup. A leaking water heater tank is difficult to repair and the most cost-effective solution is to replace your entire water heater unit. This will prove more efficient in the long run—you won’t have to worry about the damaged tank leaking again.

Excessive mineral buildup in the tank can also lead to unusual sounds coming from the water heater. Avoid further problems with immediate maintenance service that includes a tank flush.

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