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Hot Water Heater Safety

Knoxville Hot Water Heater Specialists

Have you recently installed a new water heater? Is your current one showing signs of failure? There are preliminary measures you can take to extend the life of your water heater by using certain safety precautions. Read on to learn more or contact us online.

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How Can You Keep Your Water Heater Safe During Everyday Use?

If you notice problems with your water heater, contact us right away for an inspection. We also recommend regular maintenance inspections, where we will check the following:

  • Relief valve pressure
  • Any sediment that has settled in the tank (will flush out)
  • Optimal temperature setting (usually between 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Anodes contributing to corrosion within the tank (will replace anodes if needed)

What Are the Benefits of Regular Maintenance?

Annual water heater maintenance ensures a healthier, more efficient unit. There is less risk of unexpected problems and major issues that may require a full unit replacement. This allows you to enjoy the hot water you need without interruption.

During routine inspections we will make sure signs of potential problems are handled properly. We ensure the complete health and efficiency of your unit:

  • Make sure tank is not leaking
  • Tank or connecting pipes are not corroded
  • No problems with connecting electrical wires
  • No unusual sounds coming from the water heater when it is in use

What about Safety Codes for Gas Water Heaters?

Do you have a gas water heater, or are planning to install one? Gas water heaters emit carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere, which can become hazardous if improperly ventilated. Vents for the gas water heater cannot be near combustible materials.

The location of the gas water heater must be pre-approved before installation to reduce carbon dioxide poisoning. A sediment trap must be provided to prevent small particles and water from getting near or into the firing chamber.

Why Work with Us?

Your Knoxville plumber complies with all local safety codes. When you work with us for repair work, installations, or maintenance, you can rest assured the job will be completed according to code so you don’t have to face unexpected water heater emergencies down the road.

Items that we will install and inspect to ensure your water heater is working in top condition:

  • An expansion tank must be installed to draw the additional water caused by its expanding 1/26th its volume when heated.
  • A drain line or drip pan underneath the water heater must be provided to prevent water damage from leaks.
  • A water pressure regulating valve should be installed to protect the water heater’s pressure from reaching above 80 psi.
  • A dedicated shut off valve for the water heater, separate from the rest of the property’s water sources, must be in place.
  • The temperature and pressure (T&P) valve that assists in responding to an overheating water heater is recommended.

Pipe Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. is here to help you make sure your water heater continues to provide reliable service for years to come. If your existing unit is showing signs of corrosion, deterioration, inconsistent temperature control, or emitting unusual sounds, contact us to schedule an immediate appointment with our team.

Call today at 865-518-7008 to work with your Knoxville water heater experts. Our job is to help you keep your home safe and comfortable with top notch plumbing solutions. Same-day service guaranteed, or the visit is free! Contact us for details.

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